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N.D St, Hamilton, OH 45013, USA

B&B Fine Auto Detailing - Ohio Car wash business.

B&B Fine Auto Detailing is a Ohio based $type enterprise located in Hamilton. Company's registered address is N.D St, Hamilton, OH 45013. Further in detail information is provided in the corresponding sections. You can also read the customer reviews about B&B Fine Auto Detailing as well as sharing your own experience.

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  • Zip code: 45013
  • State: OH
  • City: Hamilton
  • Street: N.D St


B&B Fine Auto Detailing - Questions and Answers

What's B&B Fine Auto Detailing's phone number ?

+1 513-773-1474


  • Gwen Walsh01 May 2019

    My son surprised me with a detail as a Christmas gift. I was so excited, because I have never had it done! Dropped it off in the morning & returned at 5:00 to pick it up. At first glance, I was pleased. Outside was clean & inside seemed fine. I think because it was such an improvement & I had never had it done before, I didn’t even think to inspect the car to see if it was satisfactory. When I got in the car the next day in the daylight, I began to look around & realize there were multiple issues. I have a Pilot with a 3rd row. He did not even move the second row seats up to vacuum or clean under it or the mat. There was still dirt & the debris everywhere! Nor did he unfold the 3rd row to clean those seats or vacuum under them. So he missed an entire 1/3 of the inside of my car. He also missed the glovebox & console (he later said he would not do the console because there was $ in it. Change and a $10 bill, which had I known I could have certainly removed it) Also discovered he did not clean any of my carpets. Swept, but not cleaned. Found dirt all around that would have easily come out with a shampoo & even a small melted junior mint that would have also easily come out) Texted him immediately, sent pics. He apologized, said he would fix it. Then when we began to discuss the how/when of getting it done he blocked my number! My son paid $170 which covers a full detail including carpet shampoo. Didn’t get anywhere near that service! Cannot recommend this man or his business!! Extremely disappointed & upset in the service & being blocked!

  • Brandon Dumford01 May 2019

  • Jamie Riley01 May 2019

    AWFUL! I called two weeks ago to make an appointment and explained that the car needed a very good detailing. I had let my father borrow my car, who left it a wreck. After I took the car back I took it to my grandmothers home where it sat for over a year. My husband is military and were in Alaska so it wasn't driven at all during that time. Husband is deploying later this summer so my family and I came home for the duration and I needed my car. Being in the shape it was in, I needed to have it detailed. When I called Brandon he was extremely nice and made promises that he did not intend to keep. A few days before we took it to him my husband and I washed the outside. I took my car to Brandon on the appointment day and got it back worse than I left it. It literally looked like all he did was pour some kind of baby oil on the inside . It was so thick that when I touched it, it was all over my clothes, hands and everything. He did not re wash and wax the car, he did not shampoo the seats or carpets (but he did get some of the stains out of them) and he did not wash the door facings (where the doors/trunk close) even though, I pointed it out to him when I dropped it off (again, showing him how bad the car was) and he did not vacuum the back. When I went to pick up the car he wasn't home and I waited over 15 minutes for his girl friend to come out and hand me my keys. Once home, I texted Brandon photos and told him how displeased I was and he offered to go back over it. I accepted and asked him what day would work for him at which point he stopped replying to me. Now, two days later with STILL no reply, I ended up redetailing the car on my own. DO NOT USE HIM UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF. I feel I was taken advantage of since my husband is gone. Worst "full detail" job I have EVER seen. *disclaimer: I did not expect the vehicle to be perfect but I did expect him to at least TRY which he clearly did not. Most of the grime was wiped off with my fingers. There was NO reason for it not to be cleaned. I wish this review would let me add photographs of his "full detail". 😡🙄

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